Things to Remember

  1. To “go for it” simply get up and do it. Just dive in! Turn off the computer, turn off the TV, and get going! Don’t make the mistake of standing still rather than giving it a try.
  2. When you think positively your whole view changes about the world and you tend to look on the better, clearer side. It may sound stupid but being resentful is what really renders positive thinking useless. Don’t get lost in self-pity. Remember you have the ability to change your outlook and your situation.
  3. Progress lies just after your thoughts focus your efforts: making progress is success. Know that this understanding is what inspires you to accomplish what you really desire in life. And if you are positively engaging within yourself – in your thoughts – then there is no goal you can’t make progress on.
  4. Think about what you want (that’s a goal) not about what you don’t want (that’s worry). Goal driven activity requires positive thinking, which is a good thing.
  5. Find some things positive to say to yourself and repeat them often. Use statements such as “I am a very positive person.”; “I am very capable.”; “I can do anything when I put my mind to it.”; “I can do it.”.
  6. Think of the cup as half full and filling up; not half empty!
  7. Don’t give up! Good habits can replace bad ones by continuous perseverance.
  8. Hang around positive people and you will become and be like them. Hang around negativity and you’ll become negative!
  9. Use quotes to remind yourself how to be optimistic. Maybe during a particularly tough day someone mentions some saying that gives you a rare boost of motivation; write it down.
  10. Look happy. Putting a positive expression on your face can actually make you feel happier and more optimistic about the future.
  11. No matter how odd this may sound, listen to optimistic music (that you like) and read books that have at least a little optimism in them.
  12. Pass a blessing on to a friend or stranger. Let somebody have that parking space, let somebody in front of you in line at the market. Doing nice things for others is an instant pick me up.
  13. Resist the urge to act out moods on those around you. Instead, write, confide in a friend, draw, take a walk, etc. Do something creative or physically active, something you feel comfortable doing and that others don’t have the right to criticise.
  14. Consult someone if you start having suicidal thoughts. Don’t keep it inside.
  15. Beware of those who do not want to be positive. Look forward toward the positive people and don’t blame your past; accept it and forgive it. Don’t look back. If you can’t avoid negative people, learn how to not let them get you down.
  16. Don’t confuse pessimism with depression. Depression can make everything look worse than it is.
  17. Realise that it’s not about what happens to you, it’s about how you react to what happens.
  18. Get rid of all one-sided relationships in your life. A one-sided relationship can be defined as someone who is always “taking” from you and never giving anything (except grief or stress) in return.