I now pronounce this site…open!

In which our intrepid life explorer opens the doors on the new diary of the mad goings on inside his head.

In the beginning…

I’ve had a website in one incarnation or another since about 2000. In the early days it was just a few simple hand-crafted pages hosted on the free space that came with my broadband account.

Getting the web design bug the Swagatam site was put together, again hand crafted until I found the wonderful world of WordPress – a full-on content management system – and it soon took huge leaps forward, making site updating far easier and the whole process far superior to simple HTML pages. This allowed me [and you] to follow the King family’s goings on with ease, sometimes almost in real time!

Moving forward…

A couple of months ago my world turned upside down and everything that I knew and loved changed…forever. Sarah told me she didn’t want us any more and the marriage was over! I felt shocked, sick, pretty much every emotion known to man flashed through me. Life was never going to be the same again.

Before you could blink an eye Sarah and the girls were back in Medway and I was here alone, missing Alice and Elisa beyond all measure.

As there was absolutely nothing I could do to change anything the only thing I could do was try to start my new single life, and as part of that process a new site was soon being thought about. Worst case, working on the new site would keep my mind occupied and not thinking too much on the rest of the crap that was going on around me.

The challenges…

Compared to some other sites I’ve designed and written, or the many versions of the old Swagatam site, this site’s been put together relatively quickly – about 6 weeks from initial flash of inspiration to where it is today. Not bad seeing as I actually do have a day job!

That being said, it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. There were many questions to be answered: what should the site look like? What content should it have on it? And so on and so on. After a lot of time brainstorming this is what I came up with – hope you like it?!

You may have spotted that it looks absolutely nothing like the old site – on purpose – and also doesn’t have all the bits and bobs the old site had either – again on purpose. This site is a symbolic step into the new life of, well, me, and that meant it had to be a complete departure from the old. The old site is dead…long live the new site!

Another point worth mentioning is the fact that I’ve used a number of progressive styling techniques which will only be visible if you’re viewing the site with an up-to-date browser, of which I’d recommend using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

The site will work fine in any browser – even IE6…mostly – but it will look a little more blocky compared to viewing it in a new browser.

A big thank you…

My family and friends have moved me in many different ways with their love, kindness and thoughtfulness throughout this most difficult of times. In myself, I sense a more positive general attitude. I hardly seem to care as another month brings new annoyances and frustrations: the weather’s rubbish and the car doesn’t like the cold mornings, the toilet seat keeps coming loose or the M25 is yet again a complete nightmare to drive round!

I feel less inclined to fret about both the small things and the big challenges that cross my path; I’m determined to rediscover what I love in life and enjoy it again, to its full potential, for as long as I can.

Hopefully this new site will document that path to enlightenment and enjoyment, and I hope you enjoy the ride with me!

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5 Responses to “I now pronounce this site…open!”

  1. Treacle says:

    Woohoo! First post! (sorry, got carried away like those on blabbermouth)

  2. Russ says:

    Looking good. Like the pictures of the pub crawl.