2010: New Year, New Start

In which our intrepid life explorer welcomes in the new year.

I’ve never really been someone to make new year resolutions, more for the fact that I know by the time I reach January 2nd they’ll be out the window already! Not a good way to start any year that’s for sure. This year though I’ve gone against the norm and [kind of] made one: I’m determined not to waste a single moment or to have any regrets. Sounds simple but I guess we’ll see how well I’ve done and how many mistakes I’ve made at the end of the year won’t we?

Over the Christmas break there was a bit of a wake-up call to our frail mortality and this has made me even more determined to grab life by the horns and run with what ever comes my way, what ever that may mean.

While I was in Edinburgh Matt had to call out an ambulance as he lost the feeling in his arms/hands and was close to fainting – not a pleasant experience for anyone, made even worse by the fact that he was at home alone. After being checked out everything looked ok and it seems as though it was more than likely some form or anxiety attack, although it sounded very similar to Russ’ attack earlier in the year. He’s off to the doctors this morning to speak to them about it and to try and get some help quitting the cigarettes – well done and good luck on that one matey!

What with dad passing so young, followed by mum not too many years later, this latest scare really hit home how short our time is here – have I really only got another 20 years or so left? Scary thought.

Life’s too short to just sit back and watch it go by and I’m now even more determined than ever to make the most mine. I know I’ve already got big plans for this year but I’m sure that won’t be everything. There’ll be more for sure as I’m going to do my best to not sit back and let life slip by!

Happy new year everyone. Here’s to 2010 – a new year and a new start!

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