No more updates for a while

In which our intrepid life explorer signs off for a while.

I guess you may have noticed that it’s been quiet on here as of late? That’s been down to the fact that – other than the time spent with the girls – my time has been solely dedicated to getting ready for the walk…and there’s still so much to do before the end of next week!

I won’t be posting on here again until I get back from the walk, but if you want to see how I’m getting along then please head on over to my Walking In My Shoes site to keep up with the latest goings on.

When I get back I’ve got a ton of photos to add from days out with the girls over the last month but for now they’re taking a back seat to all the prep work for the walk.

Wish me luck…and if you haven’t sponsored me yet then get your backside over to my Just Giving page and help a very good cause!

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