What’s been going on?

In which our intrepid life explorer breaks the silence of the last couple of weeks at last.

It seems like a long time ago I last wrote on here about what’s been going on so I suppose I’d better break the silence and tell you all what’s been going on the past couple of weeks?

It’s been pretty busy to say the least, especially with all the preparation work for the walk – I’m getting there now so I’m pretty confident I’ll be ready for the beginning of next month…famous last words!

It’s been a social couple of weeks to say the least. On my Birthday I took myself out for a training walk but one with a Birthday twist: 10 miles and 6 pubs – nice!It was a shame it rained for some of the afternoon but other than that the pubs were lovely, the beer was good and the walk was really nice.

The evening of my Birthday I took myself off in to Reading to see Forever Never, Malefice and Skindred at the Sub 89 venue which started to put bands on recently. It was a great night out and the bands were great – photos are available from each of their sets if you’d not spotted then already.

The other weekend the girls and I popped down to Whitstable to stay for a couple of nights and catch up with everyone down there. It was a great weekend; again, photos are available. It was lovely to see Dave, Sharon, Grace and Jodi after such a long time, and the girls and I had a fantastic time down there with them all.

Thursday last week I met up with Neil, Andy and Tim to see the ever-rockin’ Airbourne. Great night out for sure. Stupidly I arranged to meet up with Neil early to check out which pub to meet up with the other chirps and so we met in the Swan opposite Hammersmith tube station, a pub that had 10 beers on tap – if that wasn’t a challenge to Neil and I then I don’t know what is! I think we managed 6 or 7 different pints before we made our way to the venue to see the band, which was nice. It was a shame the sound guy for Airbourne decided to turn everything up to 11 as it really didn’t do anything for the listening pleasure; they were better last November unfortunately. Great night out though.

If that wasn’t enough to fill my days I’m currently – as I write this no less! – making my way back from a great long weekend in Ayr seeing friends. I got the train up on Good Friday (hung over!) and spent Saturday being driven around the lovely Ayrshire coast line seeing the sights. Photos will be posted as soon as I can find the energy to sort them out – I am absolutely cream-crackered and can’t wait to get home!

All in all, the last couple of weeks have been fantastic and it’s been great to catch up with so many people before I start the walk!

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