The Snow

In which our intrepid life explorer gets slightly annoyed with the British weather.

So the snow seems to be doing its best to disrupt my plans as of late. After a pretty bad week the last thing I needed was for the snow to screw around with the plans to see the girls over the weekend. Fortunately, all down to Ann, I managed to make it down to Kent before the snow hit and spent a wonderful weekend with the girls.

As the week went on the weather reports were looking worse and worse and for a time there I really did think I wasn’t going to get to see Alice and Elisa. That didn’t help with the altogether bummed out mood last week I can tell you. On Thursday Ann came up with the idea of me driving down that evening, so if/when the snow hit I’d already be down. After a quick chat with my boss and sorting out the team laptop the plan was a go!

Good job I did as it snowed very badly Thursday night, as you can see from the photo gallery I posted with photos from the weekend. As it was that bad Ann very kindly let me and the girls stay there all weekend; Ann, you are a complete star and a bottle of Kings Fume from the local vineyard will be delivered the next time I’m down!

I had a great time with the girls in the snow and really enjoyed [finally] having a full weekend with them, after missing out last time due to being a complete twonk!

Sarah agreed to pick up the girls from Ann’s place early on Sunday so that I could get home while it was still daylight, and I’m pleased to say it wasn’t too bad until I hit Twyford – the roads were a mess! I couldn’t get the car down to the house so I had to leave it on Broad Hinton.

Monday I struggled in to work and half way through the afternoon Shelli phoned me to let me know that Reading was covered in snow and a bad blizzard was in full force! Hearing this I left the office at around 3pm to make my way home. What a nightmare that was! After spending 4 hours in the car to get somewhere near Henley I eventually abandoned the car – the wrong side of Henley – and walked the rest of the way. I managed to cover the remaining 7 miles in 1 hour 50 minutes (3.81 MPH), which isn’t too bad considering the snow…well I don’t think so anyway.

I managed to rescue the car yesterday but the roads were still pretty bad near the house. I made it into work this morning but I’m still a little concerned that this bloomin’ weather is going to completely ruin my Christmas plans. The thought of being home alone because I can’t get anywhere isn’t a very nice one and kept me awake most of last night. Not good.

Fingers crossed the weather doesn’t ruin everything for the coming week. I’d like to at least end this shite year in a high, going into 2010 in a more positive and upbeat mood! Only time will tell…

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