Weekend Away

In which our intrepid life explorer spent a great weekend in Derby.

Monday morning…boo! Still, I had a great – if not tiring – weekend up in Derby visiting Ian and Frances; Matt was there too. The last time I visited them they were still living in Nottingham and their new house (as it was then) was still being built. They’ve been there 10 years or so now and this was the first time I’d made it up there to see them – pretty crap by any standard that me thinks?! I guess now that I’ve got more time on my hands I’ll be able to visit a bit more often? That’ll be nice.

We had a lovely day out Saturday visiting Abor Low, a stone circle on top of a very cold and windy hill – great views as you can see from the new photo album I posted last night. After that we went in to Buxton for a look round, trying the water from the fountain in the high street – proper Buxton water!

While we were there we walked past an outdoor/walking shop so I popped in and found the exact same walking boots I’d been checking out online last week, so I tried a pair on and bought them. They weren’t cheap (£165) but they should certainly do the job in hand…well, I hope so anyway!? The man in the shop was really helpful and certainly knew his stuff so I think I may well be going back there to get the rest of my kit – always like to help the smaller shops instead of putting my money into the huge, faceless corporations!

So now I’ve got no excuse for not getting out there and starting some practice walks have I? Well, other than the fact that it’s dark when I get home and every other weekend is out of the question as my time is 100% dedicated to Alice and Elisa.

Still, it won’t be long until I’ve got a lot of time on my hands for the planning and training as D-day is this Friday. I’ve still not heard anything new about the possibility of a sabbatical from work but they’ve got until Friday to either make a decision or not bother saying anything. If I don’t hear anything then I’ll be handing in my notice this Friday – gulp! Watch this space for more news at the end of the week!

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One Response to “Weekend Away”

  1. Darren says:

    Still no decision from work, even though there are only two days left to say something, anything, either way!?

    I did have a conversation with my manager yesterday about my bonus objectives for this quarter, i.e. was there any point in him putting something in the system? I told him a definitive “no” as I wouldn’t be around to complete the quarter and therefore wouldn’t be eligable to claim the part bonus I may have completed – I read the employee’s handbook in preparation to resigning, just to be sure I was doing it as per the rules.

    The letter’s written and printed out so we’ll see if I’ll actually have to hand it in to my manager or not won’t we? I suspect I will…